Secret Nintendo cafe in Tokyo opens doors to the public

secret nintendo cafe in tokyo opens doors to the public

Sumary of Secret Nintendo cafe in Tokyo opens doors to the public:

  • employee ran a members-only diner at a secret location in Tokyo, frequented by movers and shakers in the video game industry.
  • Entering the venue triggers a Legend of Zelda achievement jingle.
  • On the walls are impromptu doodles by the creators of legendary franchises like Pokemon, Dragon Quest and Mega Man.
  • The name 84 — which can be pronounced hashi in Japanese — is a combination of the creator’s last name, the year he joined the Kyoto-based games maker and the final stage in Super Mario Bros.Tucked away at the back of a nondescript building in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, 84 is the brainchild of former Nintendo Co.
  • Never expecting video games to become the cultural phenomenon they have grown into, the company wasn’t very careful about preserving its history, industry consultant Hisakazu Hirabayashi said.
  • The process of finding the gaming oasis was itself a game.Plates signed by Japanese game designer Masahiro Sakurai hang inside 84.
  • Shigeki Morimoto, one of people responsible for the Pokemon franchise, is among the regulars.
  • “I’ve known Hashimoto a long time, since he helped us make the first Pokemon game,” Morimoto said.

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