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Sip Sake As You Pass Active Volcanoes, Ancient Forests And Historic Hot Springs On Japan’s Newest Luxury Sightseeing Train

Located on Japan’s southernmost island, Discover Kyushu Express’ 36+3 takes passengers on a journey through some of the country’s wildest and most under the radar landscapes.

Komezuka of Mount Aso (Aso-san), the largest active volcano in Japan stands in Aso Kuju National … [+] Park, Aso (Aso-shi), Kyushu Region,Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan (photo grain some noise for film colour)


There’s a magical quality to traveling long distances by train in Japan, and if you’re a bonafide Japanophile like me, constantly craving wide open spaces and under the radar destinations, then the southernmost island of Kyushu is definitely worth adding to your post-pandemic bucket list.

Just under a two hour flight from Tokyo, or a five-hour journey via Shinkansen (bullet train,) Kyushu has remained relatively under the radar for travelers outside of Japan. Comprised of seven prefectures that includes Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Saga, Kagoshima and Miyazaki, the regions natural beauty, lush greenery, tropical coastlines and thriving hot spring and onsen culture are now easier for tourists to visit with the launch of a new luxury sightseeing train called 36+3. It’s a unique name, we’ll get there.

While the idea behind the new sightseeing train was to help promote tourism in an area that has been negatively impacted in recent months, the routes are opening a gateway to travelers to better see and explore this undiscovered region in a whole new way.

Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization

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