Start autumn with these chestnut cupcakes from Japan’s ‘Chestnut Village’

start autumn with these chestnut cupcakes from japans chestnut village

Sumary of Start autumn with these chestnut cupcakes from Japan’s ‘Chestnut Village’:

  • One of the best flavors on offer in Japan during the autumn season is chestnut, which can be found in a variety of forms, from a sweet accent to savory main dishes to the main component of drinks and cakes.
  • If you’re curious, this collection of chestnut flavored cupcakes from a place so famous in Japan for the production of chestnuts it’s known as “Chestnut Village” is a great introduction to what I consider the best flavor of the season.
  • Located in Miyazaki Prefecture, Suki is a mountain village famed as one of Japan’s top chestnut supplying areas.
  • In fact, Suki grows so many chestnuts, it has been lovingly nicknamed “Chestnut Village.
  • ” Tucked inside each cupcake in this chestnut set from the town, is a whole large Sukiguri chestnut.
  • Sukiguri chestnuts are characterised by their large size, which contains high nutritional value and sugar content.

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