Takada Kashichi: The Pine and the Tea Bowl

takada kashichi the pine and the tea bowl

Sumary of Takada Kashichi: The Pine and the Tea Bowl:

  • Kashichi was the seventh-generation head of an influential family founded by merchant Takadaya Kahei (1769–1827).
  • He was known for his contributions to Russo-Japanese relations, including reaching out to figures such as the grandson of Vasilii Mikhailovich Glovnin, a Russian naval officer captured by the Tokugawa shogunate but released after an intervention by Kahei.
  • According to the note on the accompanying box, the vessel was Kahei’s prized Raku bowl, used for coarse bancha tea.
  • Even at the height of his commercial success, the story goes, Kahei wore inexpensive cotton clothes, drank no tea but bancha, and ate simply, usually rice, soup, and a single side dish.
  • This tea bowl offers silent testament to that frugal lifestyle.
  • Takadaya Kahei’s prized Raku tea bowl, with kintsugi mending.

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