Ten years after the tsunami

ten years after the tsunami

Sumary of Ten years after the tsunami:

  • Ten years after the tsunami, we traveled from Ishinomaki to Miyako and revisited some of the worst-hit cities along the Sanriku Coast in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures on July 8-10, 2021.
  • The following years were spent rebuilding ports and seawalls, creating new residential districts on higher ground, raising the level of former city centers by over ten meters to better protect them from future tsunami and constructing over 300 kilometers of new expressway which now make the region more accessible than ever before.
  • From around 2015, the feeling of recovery started to become stronger as more and more displaced people were able to move into new, permanent housing and devastated city centers began to reemerge.
  • Rikuzentaka’s seawall The Sanriku Expressway now connects Sendai all the way to Miyako and beyond We started our journey in Ishinomaki.
  • While the video has English subtitles, the information panels are only in Japanese, making the museum less easy to appreciate for non-Japanese readers than other museums along the coast.
  • Miyagi 3.11 Tsunami Disaster Memorial Museum Inside the museum Foundations of former buildings in the memorial park Trees are nurtured at the memorial park with the ruins of Kadonowaki Elementary School in the background The park and a photo of how the district looked before the tsunami Rainy season in Hiyoriyama Park Ishinomaki Genki Market is the city’s new tourist hub …

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