two days in ise shima national park

Sumary of Two days in Ise-Shima National Park:

  • Built in an ancient architectural style called Shinmei-zukuri, buildings here lack the ornamentation and bright colors often found in shrines elsewhere, made instead from unvarnished cypress with a simple, refined geometry, creating a sense of harmony with the forest surroundings that is easily sensed but somehow hard to put into words.
  • A model showing the main sanctuary, and a partial 1:1 scale replica of the inner sanctuary building A closer look at the reconstruction Itself built in an attractive, minimalist style that feels modern while matching its setting, the museum was fascinating even with the limited English explanations, and left a lasting impression.
  • View of the Sengukan Museum Retracing my steps back to the main entrance, I took a 15-minute bus ride from Geku-mae to Jingu Kaikan-mae and proceeded towards Naiku along the traditional approach, called Oharaimachi, where a bustling town of shops, foot stalls and restaurants has catered over the centuries to a steady stream of visitors.
  • Wooden buildings in the Edo Period style on Oharaimachi Close to the entrance of Oharaimachi is Okage Yokocho – an attractive area of several interconnected and stone-paved streets, with around 60 small stores built in the style of the Edo Period.
  • A stone maneki neko and period-style street lamp mark the main entrance to Okage Yokocho While many of the buildings have been faithfully reconstructed using only traditional joinery and materials, several are in fact much older and have been relocated from sites along the Kumano Kodo pilgrim trails elsewhere in Mie Prefecture.
  • Although smaller than the main sanctuary building, it is built to a similar design and is a good representation of the Shinmei-zukuri style.

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