U.S.-based cruise lines, eager to go, clash with Florida on vaccines

u s based cruise lines eager to go clash with florida on vaccines

Sumary of U.S.-based cruise lines, eager to go, clash with Florida on vaccines:

  • U.S.-based cruise lines are chafing to resume voyages from Florida ports in July as the pandemic wanes — but for vaccinated passengers only — yet the state and its governor won’t let them demand proof of inoculation..
  • So far, neither side has blinked, even as two guests on one of the first cruise ships to sail from North America since the COVID pandemic tested positive on June 10..
  • with billions of dollars of revenue and thousands of jobs at stake, said Doug Parker, editor of the Cruise Radio website..
  • If neither side gives in, Parker said, cruise ships “would have to start sailing out of other ports that would accept them….
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention currently requires that more than 95 percent of passengers and crew be vaccinated in order for cruise lines to bypass a requirement for trial voyages..
  • The chief obstacle now for cruises departing from Florida comes from Gov Ron DeSantis, who made his tourism-dependent state one of the first to drop its pandemic restrictions..
  • stopping them from requiring that employees provide proof of vaccination — and threatening fines for noncompliance that could amount, for cruise lines, to $5,000 per passenger..
  • The measure takes effect July 1, just when cruise lines hope to resume operations after a year in which Covid played havoc with their industry….

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