Witches Of The Orient: How Female Factory Workers Became Olympic Volleyball Champions

witches of the orient how female factory workers became olympic volleyball champions

Sumary of Witches Of The Orient: How Female Factory Workers Became Olympic Volleyball Champions:

  • Film poster for The Witches of the Orient Modern Films The Witches of the Orient, nickname of the legendary Japanese women’s volleyball team of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics because of their seemingly supernatural powers, is now a gripping film that charts the incredible story of the former athletes.
  • The Witches of the Orient features striking 16mm color reels of the team in training plus previously unseen archive footage produced by the Japanese Olympic Committee in 1964, alongside a montage of vintage manga and TV material, plus contemporary interviews with four of the players now in their 70s.
  • The Witches of the Orient volleyball team Modern Films One of the most engrossing moments in the film is a sequence showing a gruelling training technique where the players are repeatedly directed back and forth across the court to hit a ball, roll over, run back again and repeat.
  • Japan, October 1964 Mondadori via Getty Images Says the Director Julien Faraut: “The [original 16mm reels] are striking and arose great curiosity in me.

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