10 Things To Do In Karakol, Kyrgyzstan To Start Your Adventurous Tour In The City

10 things to do in karakol kyrgyzstan to start your adventurous tour in the city

Sumary of 10 Things To Do In Karakol, Kyrgyzstan To Start Your Adventurous Tour In The City:

  • From Karakol’s western perch on Lake Issyk-Kul to great mountains the travelers will find themselves in the surrounded view of clear sky.
  • 2. Dungan Mosque: Take A Free Walking Tour Image Source Dungan mosque is a Chinese architect, that has been built without any nails.
  • In 1933-43 the mosque remained closed but still, people continued to use it as a place of worship.
  • At this point in time, the mosque acts as a great attraction for the visitors because of its unique architecture.
  • Usually, women are not allowed to enter the mosque but friendly guards allow the guests to peep in on special requests.
  • Suggested Read: 6 Places To Visit In Asia In November: An Escape From The Snow Into The Tropics 3. Spices: Dig Into A Retreat Of Food Culture Image Source The Karakol is well-known for the retreat of spices and culture it offers to its visitors.

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