Galle Fort: A Complete Guide To Know Everything About This Historical Gem In Sri Lanka

galle fort a complete guide to know everything about this historical gem in sri lanka

Sumary of Galle Fort: A Complete Guide To Know Everything About This Historical Gem In Sri Lanka:

  • Galle is the jewel crowned to the timeless beauty of Sri Lanka.
  • This beautifully walled city boasts the quirky cafes, symmetrical streets adorned with houses showcasing Dutch architecture and fancy impeccable restaurants and hotels which boosts the beauty of this city.
  • Route Maps Distance from Colombo to Galle Fort Distance from Unawatuna to Galle Fort Distance from Kandy to Galle Fort Things To Do In Galle Fort 1. Walk Over The Ramparts Of Galle Fort Image Source The Galle city is bordered with brick walls and grassed ramparts which was built by the Dutch merchants in around 17th century.
  • Earlier these ramparts were built to restrict intruders are now used as a platform to get a panoramic view of the Galle fort beach and the entire city.
  • 2. Explore The Dutch Architecture Image Source Once ruled by the Dutch army, the Galle fort still holds the remains of the architectures which were built by them.
  • One of them are the fort ramparts and apart from that the Maritime Archeology Museum, Groote Kerk and the Amangalla hotel are some of the reminiscents of that era.

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