Urban travel often involves…

Associated Press • 5h KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A surge of Taliban wins in northern Afghanistan has caused some countries to close their consulates in the region, while across the border in Tajikistan, reservists are…

7 Tips when traveling to Tajikistan during COVID-19

It can be said that 93% of Tajik is covered by mountain ranges, making it one of the extraordinary treasures of Earth!. That is why foreign travelers should get familiar with some introduced restrictions as well as follow…


Tajikistan has implemented enhanced screening procedures and entry restrictions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.. These include border closures, flight cancellations, medical checks at international border checkpoints…

How to Explore Tajikistan on a Budget

In this guest post, traveler and writer Paul McDougal breaks down what it like to travel Tajikistan on a budget.. More than 93% of the country is defined as mountainous — and more than 50% of that sits at over 3,000 meters…

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