UK holidays: The surprising benefits lockdown could have on your future staycation

uk holidays the surprising benefits lockdown could have on your future staycation

A second lockdown has already hit parts of Europe, and circulating rumours suggest one could be about to engulf the UK. For holidaymakers eyeing a festive winter staycation, it could mean a second wave of cancellations and ruined plans.

“We didn’t know whether it was going to be 50 percent or 40 percent.

“Everybody was talking it down. And I think that I was one of the only ones that was really positive because I could see it coming.

“I thought no, were going to be rammed, everybody is going to be stir crazy, they are all going to want to go out.

“And the restrictions were still there to do with travel and I thought no, we will be busy. And we were busy – we were hellish busy.

”Across the UK, holidaymakers still anxious to embark on overseas travel – whether than was due to the virus or due to every changing travel corridors – turned to the beauty of the UK.Cornwall, thanks to its stunning coastal location, became a mecca for the beach-seeking Briton.It’s low coronavirus rates may also be to thank for the influx of domestic tourists which descended on its shores, eager to relax in the sea breeze.

“I suppose it is like anywhere; anywhere that is deemed as being a safe haven,” Mr Barnard continued.

“I saw some numbers the other day about the estimate, the best estimate is that we have had about two and a half million visitors since July.

“Two and a half million visitors in four months.

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