Circle Trip To Azerbaijan And Georgia: Discover Best Places And More!

circle trip to azerbaijan and georgia discover best places and more

Azerbaijan and Georgia have distinct geopolitical, linguistic, ethnic, religious, and cultural identities that have indurated over a millennia-long history. Despite the differences between these two countries, what’s common between them is a confluence of Turkish, Persian, Russian and other influences. A circle trip to Azerbaijan and Georgia will uncover the astonishing natural beauty and architectural splendor that these destinations are famous for.

Did you know that Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus?

For more such information that will inspire you to take a circle trip to Azerbaijan and Georgia, read on:

1. Azerbaijan has a city built on stilts. Neft Daşları started out as an oil rig in 1949, and is now a bustling community full of bakeries, hotels, shops, and a plethora of cultural areas.2. Azerbaijan’s national sport Chovkan, which resembles the English game Polo, is accompanied by live music. It is mandatory for all the players to wear the national costume while playing.3. Azerbaijan’s capital Baku will almost remind you of Dubai, thanks to its appetite for gold and outlandish architectural structures that defy gravity…

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