Russia In October 2020: Best Experiences Of The Wonderful Month

Russia is a transcontinental country. It is the world’s largest country and is in Eastern Europe and North Asia. It is a diverse nation that shares its borders with several countries- Norway, Estonia, Finland, China, North Korea, Mongolia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In the month of October, Russia enters it’s peak Autumn season. The temperature drops even further low during the course of this month. The average temperature is 6 degrees celsius and maximum temperature is 8 degrees celsius. The minimum temperature is 3 degrees celsius.

October is the perfect time to visit Russia because the cities are less crowded and are blanketed with the beautiful hues of Autumn. It’s warm and cosy indoors. It rains once in a while. Therefore, one can enjoy the cold, the cosiness and the rain, all in one single month. Also, winters in Russia can be brutally cold and it’s better to avoid visiting Russia after October. By October, all the summer visitors are already gone and hence, there won’t be any rush. The pace of the city becomes laidback and it is easier to get ballet and opera tickets. Summers are hot and humid. Mosquitos are common in summer. Also, prices lean on the expensive side.

Popular Events And Festivals In Russia In October Central Exhibition Science Festival Ensemble Labyrinthus: Festival Musica Mensurata Ensemble Labyrinthus: The race happens in former Winter Olympics Park Free museum days in Moscow- It will be held throughout the 3rd week of October.

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Author: Elin P. Baby

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