Bought an iPhone? Congratulations! But how long will the joy of owning an iPhone last – few days, hours or months? Just imagine if you could buy yourself one of the best budget international trips at same or a lesser price, the memory of which would last for a lifetime! You read it right, there are some amazing vacation spots around the world, where you can travel for as low as 50,000 and that’s for a round-trip!Some good amount of research, planning months in advance, and a few tricks & tips is all you need to get going. Read on to inspire the backpacker in you and head for these kickass international destinations at a shoestring budget.

If you do thorough research and plan well, then you can travel even the most expensive countries on a budget. Here is all the information you would need to plan a trip to cheap international destinations from India.

Even though coronavirus is going around, these budget international trips during Coronavirus will not be a risk. All these places are getting visitors from all over the world and if your health condition is on point, the corona test results are negative and you no signs of getting flues, then it will not be a problem.

32 Budget International Trips From India In 2021

Singapore: Trip Starting From INR 42,000
Malaysia: Trip Starting From INR 40,000
Thailand: Trip Starting From INR 35,000
Indonesia: Trip Starting From IN

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