top 10 best hotel views in the world

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Today (November 2, 2020): Top 10 most spectacular hotel views in the world

With parts of the world going in lockdown again, dreaming of far-flung destinations can prove incredibly calming and soothing. These days, the most made comment on my popular YouTube channel – where I continue to publish one travel clip per week during the pandemic – is that my videos offer virtual holidays and ease of mind in these challenging times of non-travel. Let’s not forget that the world is still full of phenomenal destinations and amazing hotels waiting for travelers to come back once the pandemic eases. Over the years, while traveling the world, one of things I learned is that what truly sets a hotel apart is its view. Indeed, instead of seeing the sights and then heading back to a hotel, why not see the sights from the hotel (room) itself? From views of snow-capped mountains to sweeping vistas of the glittering blue ocean, here’s my list of the 10 hotels with the most spectacular views in the world.

There is more information (with reviews & YouTube clips) below the slideshow. Think I missed one? Leave a comment or take my poll below.

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