Mapping the high-risk travel list: 43 countries removed, five new ones added

For the first time since South Africa reopened its borders, the high-risk travel list has been altered. As it stands, just 22 countries are now unable to send leisure tourists to the Republic, shrinking the original tally down from 60. Interest in visiting South Africa during lockdown Although some major markets remain off-limits, the likes of

List: There are now 101 countries SA nationals can travel to visa-free

We all know that the famous ‘Green Mamba‘ isn’t exactly the greatest passport in the world. But as South Africans, it’s the best many of us will ever get. The Henley & Partners travel index has been updated for 2020, with Mzansi having to settle for a mid-table finish. In total, 101 countries are accessible for SA nationals on a visa-free

Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa is now a World Surfing Reserve

The Costa Rican beach joins a list of surfing locations like the Gold Coast in Australia, Santa Cruz, and California in the United States, Ericeira in Portugal, and Punta de Lobos in ChileWant to know more on Costa Rica's Playa Hermosa is now a World Surfing Reserve click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from Outlook

Mountaineering In Bolivia: 8 Fantastic Sites For An Unforgettable Vacation!

Bolivia has seven peaks in the Royal Range that are above 6,000 meters and over 600 peaks which are above 5,000 meters. There is a lot to explore when it comes to Bolivian mountaineering expeditions. Bolivia offers its climbers the best climbing opportunity with some finest routes. Bolivia is also home to some of the best and most easily accessible

43 Fascinating Tourist Places To Visit In Cochin In 2020 For A Fun-Filled Vacay

For those who wish to explore the real treasures of Kerala, here we go with the list of places to visit in Cochin. Beaches and backwaters, tea plantations and spice estates, hot steaming appams with stew and vibrant Kathakali performances – these and much more epitomize the God’s Own Country, Kerala on the global tourism map. However, Cochin stands

California In September: A Guide For A Splendid Vacation In The Dreamland

Cover Image Credit: California is one of the best destinations for travelers of all kinds. California is called the land of dreamers. The charm of summer isn’t over in California in September and you can still feel the warmth of sun rays in the morning. September is the early fall month in California, and it is one of the best times to

Burgundy Wines Made In Santa Cruz? Saison Winery’s Mark Bright Mixes Old And New Worlds

"With wine, this area has some of the best soil types and climate for it. This isn’t Burgundy. I’m trying to make Santa Cruz wine.” Mark says.Want to know more on Burgundy Wines Made In Santa Cruz? Saison Winery’s Mark Bright Mixes Old And New Worlds click here go to Dining news source. Dining information summary from Forbes Dining News.Author:

‘Whale Whisperer’ Christopher Swann’s sea life photos

Christopher Swann, who lives in La Paz, Mexico, and the west coast of Scotland, has twice been an awarded finalist in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.Want to know more on 'Whale Whisperer' Christopher Swann's sea life photos click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from Daily Mail Travel News.Author:

15 Best Weekend Getaways From Calicut To Make Your Week End On A Good Note In 2020!

Are you planning to switch the TV on and droop down on your couch this weekend? Here is an exciting opportunity to make your weekends more happening and memorable. What if you were given a chance to make simple weekend trips that will not let you take holidays on weekdays? If this has grabbed your attention then this list of weekend getaways from Calicut

12 Churches In Kochi That Define The Local Religious Aspects Beautifully

Kochi epitomizes a blend of traditional history with a touch of modernization. On the Malabar Coast, this port city basks in the glory of impressive churches. A visit to these famous churches in Kochi is a must for those who are fascinated by history as well as architecture. The delightful sight of these churches will remain in your mind forever. So,

Travel tip: buy gift cards for ultra-luxury hotels (with a bonus)

Friday newsletters always feature luxury travel contests, tips, series, or news. Today (July 17, 2020): Travel tip: buy gift cards for luxury hotels with a bonus. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry is going through a terrible time. Many hotel brands are losing an incredible amount of money and are looking for alternative ways

Cooking And Coping: Making Shaking Tofu With Andrea Nguyen In Santa Cruz, CA

The latest edition of Cooking And Coping by @HungryEditor features Andrea Nguyen, James Beard award-winning author and cooking teacher. Nguyen shares a recipe from her book Vietnamese Food Any Day. Shaking tofu, a vegan version of shaking beef (thit bo luc lac), which is an iconic Vietnamese dish.Want to know more on Cooking And Coping: Making Shaking

How to explore the world from home during coronavirus lockdown including BBQ like an American

From the floating islands of Bolivia to the flavours of a Kansas City barbecue and the scents of a sunny day, Neil Simpson reveals how to explore the world from home during lockdown.Want to know more on How to explore the world from home during coronavirus lockdown including BBQ like an American click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information
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