5 beautiful places you can visit with no restrictions right now

The COVID-19 pandemic is picking up steam across much of Europe and the Americas as we head into winter. But that doesn’t mean every travel destination is shutting down. On the contrary – a handful of places, all with nice weather, remain open to visitors. What’s more, these places don’t require any type of testing or quarantine to enter. Many more places are currently accepting travelers but with some kind of testing requirements either just before or on arrival. As a counterpoint, here’s a look at five top places you can visit with no restrictions or special requirements right now.

A beach at Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. Costa Rica recently dropped all its testing … [+] requirements for arriving Americans.

getty The usual caveats apply

This may not be the best time to set out on the road. Especially now as cases are on the rise in so many places. But if anything is clear in this pandemic it’s that a significant number of people do still want to travel, and will. If you do go you should also be aware that things can change, in some cases suddenly. Border closures and local lockdowns are possible. Luckily many airlines continue to offer flexible bookings so if things do start looking sketchy, you can likely reschedule the trip for later without undue hassle.

5 places you can visit with no restrictions right now Mexico

A typical Caribbean beach on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

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