Private jet charter company VistaJet targets carbon neutrality by 2025

private jet charter company vistajet targets carbon neutrality by 2025

Private jet charter company VistaJet has outlined plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2025 in a bid to get the aviation industry’s sustainability goals off the ground.

The strategy includes carbon offsetting schemes contributing to forest protection in Zimbabwe and the Brazilian Amazon, as well as the option for customers to pay extra for sustainable fuels like biofuel.

VistaJet’s founder and chairman said the company’s shared economy business model, which “competes with full aircraft ownership” by giving subscribers access to its fleet of 160 private jets, means customers will be more willing to reinvest cost savings into sustainable add ons.

Some of these empty flights can be up to 50% versus a shared model where it’s constantly optimized.

“The price and cost advantages that we give allow for that extra charge,” Thomas Flohr told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” on Thursday. So far, he said, VistaJet has seen an 80%-plus conviction rate among customers opting for sustainable fuels.

Flohr said the company will also deploy “cutting-edge technology” for route planning, including artificial intelligence to predict customer behavior and reduce empty legs to the “lowest level possible…

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