Race shapes travel: backpacking as a black woman

In an extract from her new book, the Kenyan writer reflects on how guidebooks to Africa, with their warnings of danger, instilled fear in her – until a solo trip to Burkina Faso The pitch-black night of the Sahara…

Liberia: Govt Launches ‘Air-Liberia’ Today

[Observer] The Government of Liberia launches this Friday, October 30, 2020, its first-ever post-war Airline for Liberia called “Air-Liberia”. President George M. Weah, according to a press release from the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, will do the…

Regional travel: Zimbabwe to open for tourism on 1 October

Zimbabwe is following in the footsteps of other African nations that have already opened their borders to international travellers, removed curfews, and are slowly resuming international tourism. Domestic travel will open from Thursday 10 September and international travel a few weeks later at the beginning of October. Most countries in Africa

Exploring the Sahara and unpacking France’s colonial-era writings [photos]

The Sahara: boundless dunes shimmering in the relentless heat, nomadic tribes following paths as old and inscrutable as time itself, fierce-eyed warriors on camel-back, clad in indigo. And a French lure. France has a deeply romantic notion of the western Sahara, forged in colonial times and tinged by the literature that emerged from it. Romanticisation of

Malawi opposition leaders file bids for election re-run

In tonight's edition: Supporters of Malawi's opposition took to the streets of Blantyre on Wednesay as their presidential candidate presented nomination papers for the July re-run of last years election. The outcome initially returned President Peter Mutharika to office but the result was historically overturned in a landmark ruling in February.
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