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March is one of the most favoured months for travellers to visit and explore Asia. It is also considered as the last month of the peak season for travellers in Asia. Asia houses some of the gorgeous beaches and a trail of lush-green hills. With all this in store for its tourists, Asia in March becomes all the more beautiful. With a wide array of places, the continent embraces tourists with an open heart. Each travel destination on the travel list is unique and rich in diversity as well as history. With a wide array or resourceful travel material, Asia undoubtedly bags as one of the best continents to visit.

Why You Should Visit Asia In March

Being well versed with the weather conditions in March will embark you on the next segment of knowing why you need to visit the continent in March. Asian countries share a flavour of their own and each country has a unique reason for you to explore it.

Popular Festivals In Various Places In Asia

Asia, a land of diverse culture is the perfect place to enjoy and explore festivals that you have never experienced before. Offering a wide array of festivals, let us look at the famous festivals in Asia that are worth mentioning.

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Places To Visit In Asia In March

Given below are some of the most-visited places in the continent of Asia during the month of March. Scroll through!

1. Bali2. Bangkok3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1. Bali

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