Lonely Planet names 2021’s most eco-friendly destinations and experiences, from Sweden to Gree …

lonely planet names 2021s most eco friendly destinations and experiences from sweden to greece

Each year Lonely Planet produces a much-anticipated bucket list ranking of the top spots to travel to in the following year, called Best in Travel.

This year the adventure experts have reimagined the listing to ‘reflect how the world and attitudes to travel have changed’ – so now it’s all about celebrating commitment to community, diversity and sustainability across the world.

The new ‘Best in Sustainability’ ranking includes Gothenburg, Greece and the Rocky Mountaineer train journey; the Best Tour prize in the ‘Best in Community’ list goes to the UK’s homeless walking tours, Invisible Cities; San Diego gets the ‘Best Cultural Diversity’ accolade, and Australia is praised for its post-bush fire restoration work.

Best Train Journey – Rocky Mountaineer. ‘This slow-travel option has reduced its Co2 emissions by 18 tonnes per year, increased onboard recycling and introduced initiatives to protect of local wildlife,’ says Lonely Planet 

Best Food Destination – Greece. Lonely Planet says: ‘Organic produce markets and island seafood makes it an unintentional leader of the world’s most sustainable food’

Best islands – Palau, Pacific Ocean. ‘Progressive policies and protective measures have put the pristine archipelago at the vanguard of environmental sustainability,’ says Lonely Planet

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