my 13 favourite tropical islands

It wasn’t meant to be this way. 

Back when I was first planning to travel long-term, I didn’t think my journey would have a focus. I wanted to see it all: cities, villages, lakes, mountains, rainforests, glaciers, deserts, and beaches. 

I had no idea that last item on the list would be the main driving force for my decade of travels.

It began with the Philippines.

I’d been travelling solo for three months at this point, hopping from city to city as I made my way through Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia. From Zagreb to Ljubljana to Budapest to Kiev to Moscow to Taipei to Shanghai to Beijing to Seoul, and then I found myself in Hong Kong, unsure of where to venture next. 

My original plan would see me drifting back into China to explore the southern regions of the country, but after I found my first visit challenging, I was having second thoughts. 

I jumped on Skyscanner and decided to search for flights from Hong Kong to everywhere. I considered Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia… and then I saw the word Cebu.

Cebu? Where was that?

A quick search showed me that it was in the Philippines. Back then, I had yet to read a single travel blog post about the country, so I opened up Google Images and searched for photos of the Philippines. Immediately, I was slapped in the eyeballs by a thousand breathtaking photos of the most incredible beaches I’d ever seen. 

“Holy shit,” I mumbled to myself. “I’ve gotta go to the Philippines.”

Three days later, I boarded a midnight flight to Cebu, then a second flight to Caticlan. From there, I took a ferry to Boracay, and a tricycle to my hostel.

When I arrived in Boracay, I was smitten. 

What about you guys? Which is your favourite island in the world, and which ones do you still have on your bucket list?
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