This Brand New Las Vegas Attraction Flies To Grand Canyon Without Leaving The Strip

this brand new las vegas attraction flies to grand canyon without leaving the strip

FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit

No longer will travelers have to leave the Las Vegas Strip in order to experience the natural wonders and iconic locations of the American West.

FlyOver, an immersive flight ride from global attractions and hospitality company Pursuit, has this week announced that it will debut this fall on the Las Vegas Strip. The cutting edge new attraction will take guests on a “multi-sensory journey” into nature.

The latest FlyOver was modeled after Pursuit’s existing attractions in Vancouver, Canada and Reykjavik, Iceland—but rather then the Canadian and Icelandic scenery it will feature a signature flight across the American West with the option to partake in various other flight rides that have been filmed in locations around the globe.

“FlyOver in Las Vegas will give visitors a new and visually stunning way to see breathtaking landscapes of the American West. Much like our FlyOver concepts around the world, our new Las Vegas attraction will push the boundaries of escape and take guests on the ultimate flying ride adventure,” Lisa Adams, Vice President of FlyOver Attractions, explained in a press release.

The 52-foot vibrant spherical screen will surround guests as they fly through a myriad of well-known destinations and natural splendor from a first-person perspective…

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