Shenzhen: Why it’s known as China’s sleekest city

Shenzhen: Why it’s known as China’s sleekest city

If you haven’t yet heard of Shenzhen, China’s glittery southern crown jewel, you’re far from alone and there’s probably a good reason too: Shenzhen is new, in every sense of the word, especially in a country prized for their ancient wonders and long string of unique histories.

Shenzhen only truly started being transformed around 40 years ago, having started off as an underdeveloped, albeit large, fishing community. Now, a sprawling, developed and affluent metropolis — one of the richest cities in the world — and known as China’s most innovative city, Shenzhen offers visitors more than captivating Chinese culture and city-vibes (although, these are often quite enough to draw travellers).


Shenzhen is located in Guangdong, a Southern Chinese province, bordering autonomous Hong Kong.

In fact, a fifteen-minute speed train ride is all that is needed to transport you directly from Shenzhen’s city centre to the heart of Hong Kong. Several other border crossings exist, including one in the form of a ferry, and three pedestrian crossings, allowing visitors to easily flit between cities.

This ease of access allows Shenzhen to easily be carved into itineraries juxtaposed to infamous Hong Kong, and, for its close proximity to one of Asia’s economic hubs, China has declared Shenzhen a Special Economic Zone.


It’s hard to bore in Shenzhen, with a surprising number of tourist attractions, all carefully inset amongst traditional Chinese living, without sacrificing cultural nuances.

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Author: Meshalini Govender

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