Seychelles In June 2020: A Mini Guide To Perfect Your Holiday In This Month

Seychelles is known for its white-sand beaches, palm-fringed forests and lofty granite boulders that open the gateway of heaven for the visitors. This island nation is located in East Africa and is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. It comprises one hundred fifteen islands and is a dreamy location for honeymoon couples and love birds. Most of the beaches here are unspoilt and offer the best water sports opportunities to the visitors. It also has the magnanimous granite mountains that give this island a mesmerising look. Being the home to some of the critically endangered wildlife species Seychelles is also the favourite haunt of nature lovers. Find out what exclusivities you can experience by visiting Seychelles in June.

Weather Of Seychelles In June

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Seychelles experiences moderate weather year-round. It, in fact, remains quite pleasant even in the months when there is excessive rain. The temperature varies here on a very small range between 32-24 degrees Celsius.

This means that the temperature hardly rises above 33 degrees Celsius or falls below 25 degrees Celsius. Seychelles can be visited year-round without the problem of extreme weather conditions. June is the month when Seychelles experiences extremely wonderful weather. The temperature remains less humid, and there are fewer chances of a frequent shower during this month.

The southeastern trade wind regularly blows from November to May and reaches their peak level in July, August and June.

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Author: Gaurav Gupta

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