Cervecería La Tropical Brings Its Deep Cuban Roots To Miami’s Wynwood

cerveceria la tropical brings its deep cuban roots to miamis wynwood

Cervecería La Tropical

Miami’s newest brewery, Cervecería La Tropical, has brought a piece of Cuba’s history to Miami’s Wynwood. The brewery got its start in Cuba in 1888 and is known for establishing the Cuban beer industry. La Tropical was originally founded by the Blanco Herrera family on the banks of the Almendares River near a section of Havana known as Kohly. This area was established by Federico Kohly, who sold the land for the brewery to the Blanco Herreras. It quickly became a source of national pride, recognized as the largest and most popular brewery on the island and considered a must-visit for locals and tourists alike for cold cervezas, live music, dancing and walks in the tropical garden that was later built in 1904. La Tropical thrived for decades, by  1958 La Tropical accounted for over 60% of all beer production in the country. In 1960, the revolution in Cuba began and La Tropical’s assets were seized, but that wasn’t the end for the vibrant brewery.

Manny Portuondo, great-great-grandson of Federico Kohly and CEO of Cerveceria La Tropical, grew up like many children listening to the stories of his ancestors and how they loved their life in Cuba…

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