10 Stunning Beaches In Cyprus For An Outrageously Fun Vacation!

10 stunning beaches in cyprus for an outrageously fun vacation

An island country and Europe’s tourist hotspot, Cyprus is perfect for all types of travelers. Cyprus is famous for many things, such as its ruins, the shops, the Walled City, the literal dozens of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the many scuba diving sites spread around the island, and many other things, another great factor of its fame are the awesome beaches spread around Cyprus. Head to the beaches in Cyprus to soak in the sun and to walk barefoot on the sparkling sand.

Here is the list of best beaches in Cyprus that you should definitely explore while you are in the country. Keep scrolling and read along!

Aphrodite’s Rock And Beach
Lara Bay
Nissi Beach
Paramali Beach
Makronissos Beach
Akti Olympion
Fig Tree Bay
Konnos Bay
Porto Pomos
Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca

It is a quite well-known myth, that of Aphrodite rising from the ocean waves, standing on a seashell. While not a true Greek myth, it was popularised by the painter, Botticelli, who represented the Goddess of Love and Lust on a seashell. His painting was done with the background of this beach, as it one of the most stunning beaches in the world. They often say the journey is more valuable than the destination, and this is very true, as the drive to this location gets more and more beautiful with each passing mile…

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