Ethiopia: Enhancing Tourism, Hospitality Sector Through Thriving Brand Hotels

ethiopia enhancing tourism hospitality sector through thriving brand hotels

Sumary of Ethiopia: Enhancing Tourism, Hospitality Sector Through Thriving Brand Hotels:

  • It has been developing tourist destinations, preserving heritages, renovating museums and promoting national parks..
  • The Ministry has been executing various activities to make the nation one of the top tourist destinations by 2025..
  • Constructing brand international hotels was among the activities accomplished by government and the private sector too..
  • When we trace back to the history of hospitality sector in Ethiopia, we get Etege Taitu Hotel, built in the early 1900s, believed to be the first modern hotel in Ethiopia..
  • The hotels are contributing a lot for tourists to stay in the country without facing any hospitality challenges..
  • Tourist Service Competency Accreditation Senior Expert at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Fasil Endale says that brand hotels are being built by domestic and foreign investors which could enhance the hotel and hospitality sector..
  • He stated that the 3 star and above brand hotels would be expected to promote the hotel and hospitality service to meet international standards..
  • To accommodate all these workshops and conferences, you need to have modern and standardized hospitality service….

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