Can’t go on safari? Support Africa’s wildlife by running the Lewa Safari Marathon

cant go on safari support africas wildlife by running the lewa safari marathon

Sumary of Can’t go on safari? Support Africa’s wildlife by running the Lewa Safari Marathon:

  • What started as a population of 13 animals in 1983, has become one of Africa greatest success stories, with a significant baby boom in the last 12 months pushing the fenced sanctuary almost beyond its holding capacity..
  • a blueprint for future wildlife management, this is one of the most successful conservation models on the continent, where community, tourism and nature all perfectly interlink..
  • Every year, Lewa partner with charity Tusk Trust to hold one of the world top marathons, raising funds for community development, education and healthcare initiatives across Africa..
  • Descendants Sophie and Callum Macfarlane, who currently live here with their family, know the land intricately and were even married on a plateau overlooking the plains..
  • On a morning walk, Callum talks enthusiastically about the geology of the area, identifying rocks whose composite minerals sparkle like precious gems in the sun..
  • Resembling shards of slate, it hard to imagine these are pieces of antiquity, but Callum colourful explanations bring the inanimate objects to life..
  • While Lewa past is easily unearthed in these plains, it modern nerve centre lies at the JOCC – the Joint Operation Command Centre, where anti-poaching units are co-ordinated, rangers deployed, and collared wildlife is carefully monitored through large computer screens….

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