Red list countries: All the high risk nations

From 17 May, international travel has been given the official go-ahead in England by the Global Travel Taskforce, subject to a traffic light system.. There will also be a “green watchlist”, which is a measure that the…

15 Best Places To Visit In Mozambique In 2021 To Quench Your Wanderlust

Mozambique is a country in Africa, which is rich in African cultural heritage and it reflects in its food, music, and art. Mozambique generally has a warm tropical climate which suits all tourists. Dotted with beaches, marine parks, the ruins from colonial-era, and fresh seafood, this South African nation is an absolute delight to visit. This scenic…

Viva Air France! Airline ups flight offering between Joburg and Paris

There has been a notable absence of international airlines operating flights to destinations in Southern Africa since the onset of the global pandemic. The situation has worsened by the discovery of the South African COVID-19 variant in December 2020 and subsequent travel bans.Air France however, is increasing its presence and expanding its operations…

Direct flights from Cape Town to Lisbon to take off in November

Portugal’s national carrier TAP Air Portugal is no stranger to South African skies. The airline previously operated between Johannesburg and Lisbon. However, it scrapped the route several years ago due to profitability issues. TAP Air Portugal will return to South Africa later in 2021 when it launches direct flights from its base in Lisbon to Cape

Mozambique: Nyusi Relaxes Travel Restrictions

Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, speaking to the nation on Thursday night, announced a relaxation in the travel restrictions imposed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.. In an attempt to revive the ailing tourism…

My 13 Favourite Tropical Islands

I’d been travelling solo for three months at this point, hopping from city to city as I made my way through Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia.. From Zagreb to Ljubljana to Budapest to Kiev to Moscow to Taipei to Shanghai…

Ponta do Ouro: 10km from KwaZulu-Natal and years away from 2020

Crossing the South African border near Kosi Bay and travelling a mere 10km to Ponta do Ouro in southern Mozambique is a remarkable journey that may be short but takes you back years to the days when rustic seaside towns ruled…..

Discover Mpumalanga’s natural wonders and attractions

It is one of South Africa smallest provinces and yet it is home to a vast diversity of wildlife and landscape alike.. The landlocked province is bordered by two other nations — Mozambique and Swaziland — and provides…

Skydiving Vs Paragliding 2020: Dive Or Glide, Your Choice

On the other hand, paragliding is the recreational and a very enjoyable yet thrilling adventure sport of flying paragliders.. It is often performed with no rigid primary structure and the pilot is said to be sitting in a…

Nosy Be: Escape to a tropical island paradise in Madagascar

There are several smaller islands near Nosy Be, including Nosy Komba, Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Tanikely.. UNIQUE SPECIES CAN BE FOUND The island of Nosy Be is known for having one of the world smallest frogs (Stumpffia…

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