Rialto Bridge: Everything You Need To Know About This Magnificent Italian Gem

rialto bridge everything you need to know about this magnificent italian gem

Sumary of Rialto Bridge: Everything You Need To Know About This Magnificent Italian Gem:

  • The present structure of the bridge was built between 1588 and 1591 that replaced the boat and three wooden bridges that had extended about the Grand Canal since the 12th Century.
  • About the Rialto Bridge Image SourceThe Rialto was built by Antonio da Ponte in the year 1180. There are many canals flowing into the Grand Canal.
  • 1. Rialto Market Image Source This 700 years old Rialto Bridge market place is the most delightful place on the bridge now.
  • Under the walkways there are several shops which cater to the needs of the tourists who come to this famous bridge to have a view of the gondola-filled Grand Canal waterway.
  • Right in front of the Grand Canal a visit to the most enjoyable little Campi’s is never to be missed.
  • Must Read: Venice Carnival 2022: An Ultimate Guide For Witnessing The Lavish Extravaganza 2. Selfie Image Source This bridge was built in 1602 by the Doge Marino Grimani.

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