Zimbabwe: Hoteliers Appeal for Bail Out

zimbabwe hoteliers appeal for bail out

Sumary of Zimbabwe: Hoteliers Appeal for Bail Out:

  • The tourism and hospitality sector was the sector hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and has been struggling to fully recover, although bookings have significantly improved with relaxation of lock down restrictions The industry has resorted to social media platforms as a way of regaining customers and tapping into local markets.
  • Restaurant Operators’ Association of Zimbabwe (ROAZ) vice president Karen Mutasa said the tourism and hospitality industry was the hardest hit by the covid-19 pandemic.
  • We are very happy that we had a very successful vaccination programme and all the restaurants under (ROAZ) had 99,9 percent of the entire workforce vaccinated.
  • Ms Mutasa suggested that since the tourism and hospitality industry was the most affected there was a need for stimulus packages where players are able to access finances that help them support their businesses.
  • “We still have to pay 100 percent licence fees and the licensing has become more and more expensive and we have not had any financial assistance.
  • ” On the use of digital platforms to retain customers within the tourism and hospitality industry, Mrs Mutasa said, “Social media can be extremely dangerous but at the same time it is very helpful.

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