Ecuador changes policy for air travelers

Ecuador changes policy for air travelers Saturday, June 12th 2021 – 09:23 UTC Full article Travelers arriving from Brazil will have to be isolated for 10 days or produce a vaccination card The Government of Ecuador Friday…

US lowers outbound restrictions on dozens of destinations

Prevention (CDC) lowered countries such as France, Spain and Italy into level three, which means fully-vaccinated passengers may go to these areas.. Although the UK is listed as a level three by the CDC, under a presidential…

Stamps you don’t want in your passport

Tourists could find themselves banned from flights and having to pay hundreds of dollars for an emergency passport if they make this mistake.. Souvenir passport stamps at tourist destinations – which are novelty stamps…

Shirdi: On A Spiritual Quest

The deep bass of drums, the higher octave of prayer bells and cymbals seeking divine attention, the rhythm of the pujari chants, all make for an enthralling spectacle during the aarti (prayer meeting) at the famous Sai Baba…

10 Galapagos islands awaiting adventurous travelers

Many also realize that a tailor-made adventure tour to the Galapagos Islands is an absolute must for satisfying their scientific curiosity or their nature-loving passion.. (1000 km) off the west coast of mainland Ecuador…

Red list countries: All the high risk nations

From 17 May, international travel has been given the official go-ahead in England by the Global Travel Taskforce, subject to a traffic light system.. There will also be a “green watchlist”, which is a measure that the…

An Eater’s Guide To Slovenia

Sven Hoppe/dpa (Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images) dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images Dubbed the “crossroads of Europe”. for its place between Italy, Austria, and Croatia, Slovenia really does feel…

9 great ‘family-bubble vacations’ in Ecuador

As the world slowly recovers from COVID-19 and borders gradually start to open, families are increasingly anxious to again set out exploring the world.However, these intrepid souls are much more cognizant of the need for destinations that make it easy to maintain social distancing, avoid public transportation and evade crowded tourist areas. In this…

9 breathtaking Ecuadorian trekking vacations

As the world slowly recovers from a microscopic organism that has turned our world upside down, borders are gradually reopening. As this occurs, travelers are more eager than ever to head out — safely — on life-changing “once-in-a-lifetime” journeys. One such adventure is trekking along Ecuadorian highland trails back-dropped by magnificent
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