Ancient mummies to parade through streets of Cairo

ancient mummies to parade through streets of cairo

(CNN) — Ancient mummies of Egypt’s royal pharaohs will emerge from their resting places this weekend and parade through the streets of Cairo in search of a new home.

What sounds like the plot of a movie is in fact part of a lavish celebration of Egypt’s history and a project to relocate some of its greatest treasures to a new high tech facility.

On Saturday, the mummies of Ramses the Great and 21 of his fellow pharaohs will take part in what is being billed as “The Pharaoh’s Golden Parade,” a highly anticipated event organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

It’s reported that the celebrations will include horse-drawn chariots, choirs singing in ancient languages and a plethora of movie stars and dignitaries, but Egyptian authorities have kept official details of the event under lock and key.

“It is a surprise,” Ahmed Ghoneim, executive director of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, the institution which will be the final resting place for the mummies, tells CNN.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to keep an event of this magnitude a surprise, especially when dress rehearsals recently took place in the center of Cairo…

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