Baby girl born on IndiGo flight

baby girl born on indigo flight

One passenger onboard, Subahana Nazir, happened to be a doctor and helped deliver the baby along with cabin crew.

The aircraft was met by an ambulance at arrival in Jaipur.

“Jaipur airport was immediately informed to arrange for a doctor and an ambulance on arrival. Both the baby and mother are stable,” the airline told The Times of India.

“Dr Nazir, who helped deliver the baby, was welcomed into the arrival hall and a thank you card was handed over by our Jaipur staff. Great teamwork by all our staff concerned.”

It’s far from the first time a woman has gone into labour at altitude.

In September, a baby girl was born on an EgyptAir flight – and she received free flights for life from the airline as a consequence.

EgyptAir flight MS777 from Cairo to London had to do an emergency landing when Yemeni passenger Hiyam Nasr Naji Daaban realised she was going into labour.

The pilot diverted the service to Munich, Germany, in hopes that Daaban could reach a hospital in time.

However, the prospective mother delivered a baby girl before the plane could land, with the help of a doctor who happened to be onboard…

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