Nigeria: Nigeria-UAE Travel Face-Off – Who Blinks First?

nigeria nigeria uae travel face off who blinks first

It all started when the United Arab Emirates (UAE) alleged that some Nigerian travellers to Dubai or passing through it in transit were presenting fake COVID-19 test results.

Following the gradual resumption of regular international flights after the COVID-19-triggered disruption, a negative COVID-19 test result was made compulsory for international travels among other preventive measures aimed at containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Whether or not the UAE authorities had alerted their Nigerian counterparts over the fake COVID-19 test results, they unilaterally introduced an additional rapid test to all UAE-bound travellers from Nigeria before boarding and recognised its result regardless of any COVID-19 test result a traveller would present.

Also, to ensure full control over the enforcement of the measure, and taking advantage of the Emirates monopoly of the Nigeria-Dubai direct flight route, the UAE banned all non-direct flights from Nigeria to Dubai thereby expanding the monopoly in the absence of any Nigerian competitor. Other airlines e.g. Egyptair and Ethiopian Airlines, which have to transit Cairo and Addis Ababa respectively before flying into Dubai were thus effectively excluded…

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