Pent Up Travel Desire: Where-And How-To Go In 2021

pent up travel desire where and how to go in 2021

A secluded beach on Nua Island in Vietnam’s Phú Yên province. Black Tomato

As the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines prompts glimmers of a re-energized travel industry, some trends for travel this year seem to be taking shape. As Tom Marchant, co-founder of luxury travel operator Black Tomato sees it, those include traveling “low and slow:” taking fewer connecting flights, spending longer in one destination, exploring locally by car, train, bicycle or on foot. An emphasis on conservation, traveling with purpose, the desire for remote destinations, which surfaced in 2020 travel, should continue as well.

“The ‘search for silence’ is one that is top of mind when it comes to client requests,” he explains. “These are remote destinations, yes, but most importantly they offer an authentic reset, recalibration with room to think, to feel, to reflect – a real purity at play with minimal light, sound and air pollution.”

Iconic Egypt sights: the Sphinx and Pyramids in Giza Laurie Werner

Bucket list trips are also high on the list. “The pent-up desire to get out and experience the world in extraordinary ways has never been more palpable,” according to Marchant. “As COVID, and even simply physical distance, has kept many close-knit families and groups of friends apart, we are seeing a surge in these kinds of bookings for 2021 and beyond, including mesmerizing and meaningful bucket list trips for multi-generational families and groups of friends. This not only gives people something truly wondrous to look forward to but will serve for many as not only an extraordinary reunion but a celebration of being together.”

A tomb interior at the Valley of

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