Stunning find after seven-month Egypt dig

stunning find after seven month egypt dig

It’s been dubbed as the biggest archaeological discovery since King Tut’s tomb nearly a century ago.

On Thursday, Egypt announced what has been described as the discovery of the ‘Lost Golden City’ in the southern province of Luxor.

The seven-month excavation mission, which was lead by Egypt’s former antiquities chief Zahi Hawass, discovered “several areas or neighbourhoods” which date back around 3000 years.

According to reports, the original mission was to find King Tut’s temple of rest, however instead, the archaeological team found parts of an entire city.

“The excavation started in September 2020 and within weeks, to the team’s great surprise, formations of mud bricks began to appear in all directions,” Egypt’s antiquities ministry said in a statement.

“What they unearthed was the site of a large city in a good condition of preservation, with almost complete walls, and with rooms filled with tools of daily life.”

According to National Geographic, the site dates from the era of 18th-dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III, who ruled between around 1386 and 1353BC. The discovery has impressed researchers and experts around the world, who say the ruins are “the largest administrative and industrial settlement in the era of the Egyptian empire on the western bank of Luxor”…

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