Top 8 must-see attractions in Luxor


Luxor is a famous tourist location in Egypt, known for its oldest and most ancient Egyptian sites. If you ever decide to visit Upper Egypt and discover Luxor and Aswan, we have curated a list of the places you cannot miss when you are in the beautiful and ancient city of Luxor.

Even though the pandemic has minimized our adventures throughout the world, we must always keep an eye open to discover the wonders this world has to offer and plan our next possible journey to explore, while of course, staying safe and keeping our distances.

1. Valley of the Queens

Initially a burial ground for the royal Queens of ancient Egypt, this valley holds over 90 tombs and is open for visitors from around the world. The first ever tomb known to be built in the valley was that of Princess Ahmose, daughter of King Seqenenre and Queen Sitdjehuti. Even though the construction and entrance are not very impressive; rocky and scattered with stone, it is certainly worth taking a closer look at. The best of all tombs in the Valley of the Queens is the tomb of Nefertari, beautifully decorated with paintings on the wall describing Nefertiti’s life and her husband.

2. Valley of the Kings

Much like the Valley of the Queens, you will find the Valley of the Kings; built to hold the tombs of Pharaohs, such as Tutankhamun, Ramses II and more.…

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