Visit These 8 Most Famous Churches in Egypt to Discover Their Coptic History

visit these 8 most famous churches in egypt to discover their coptic history

Regardless of what Egypt has been going through in the current years, there is certainly no refuting that Cairo has one of the most distinct, rich and notable histories across the world. Christianity has played a big role in forming Egypt’s past so, churches in Egypt can be seen in each corner of the nation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Christian or not, every person visiting Egypt would like to know more about its famous Coptic history. There’s no better approach to do so than by visiting the wonderful Egyptian Coptic churches.

Discover the classical richness of Christianity in ancient Egypt during your voyage to Coptic Cairo. Cairo has a lot to offer to visitors who want to explore the churches in Egypt and learn about the past. Read on about the top 8 churches in Egypt:

The Hanging Church is believed to go back to the Patriarchate of Isaac of Alexandria, a Coptic Pope who held the office in the 7th century. The church is constructed on the southern gatehouse of the Roman-developed Babylon Fortress and gets its name from the way that its core is suspended over a gate. Officially, it is known as the Church of the Virgin Mary…

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