Philippines In June: A Wonderful Time To Visit The Asian Nation

Everyone wants to visit a breezy holiday spot during their holidays. The Philippines is one such destination that will deliver on the “slice of paradise” promise. You can go on a trip through the metropolis of Manila, the capital…

Designs unveiled for Sharaan by Jean Nouvel at Alula

Located deep within the Sharaan nature reserve, the designs draw on the nearby Nabataean wonders of Hegra, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia.Want to know more on Designs unveiled for Sharaan by Jean Nouvel at Alula click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from Breaking Travel News.Author: Breaking Travel

6 Remarkable Resorts Near Siliguri That Offer The Best Of Views And The Stay!

Known as the portal to north-east India, Siliguri is one of the most important cities for tourists all around the world. It not only connects the seven sisters to mainland India but this glorious city is also a connection to the four international borders of China, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Upon that, it’s cool climate and raw beauty invite people

Spain In June 2020: A Guide For An Enthralling Spanish Summer Vacation

As fresh spring leads into summertime, Spain turns into one of the hottest destinations in Europe. The weather is warm with the sun shining always, but that is not the solitary reason for visiting Spain in June. You also possess the chance to take part in a handful of exhilarating summer events and festivals that take place all over the country and

Shopping In Jabalpur 2020: 7 Best Places To Shop Till You Drop

Jabalpur is one of the busy places in Madhya Pradesh, this place has a subtropical climate that makes it a tourist’s delight. This city has a lot of attractions such as Marble Forts, Rani Durgawati Museum, Madan Mahal Fort, Chausath Yogini temple, etc. This place is also every shopper’s dream as it gives plenty of options to choose from such as

Shopping In Thane: 8 Places To Go On A Shopping Spree

Thane offers a host of impressive attractions to visit. One of the most populated cities of the country, Thane was previously known as Sristhanaka, named after Lord Ganesh. The main feature of this city that attracts tourists is a large number of magnificent lakes that are located here. Not only sightseeing, but shopping in  Thane is also something

Darjeeling Vs Manali: An Escape To Greenery Or A Resort To Snow, You Decide

There isn’t a doubt that there might be anyone who hasn’t heard about the mesmerising beauty of Darjeeling and Manali. They have earned their fair share of reputation and are quite recognised in the world of tourism. These said places are widely visited throughout the year and almost every visitor has nothing but words of praise owing to their scenic

5 Places To Visit In Europe In June For A Wonderful Experience

Europe is amongst one of the most sought after holidaymaking destinations in the world. And, there are good reasons for that. There are many places to visit in Europe in June that deserve to be in your itinerary. The variety of breathtaking landscapes like large areas of wilderness, mountain ranges or seaside wonders are just what travellers need to

10 Places To Visit In May In Maharashtra That Will Make Your Next Trip Unforgettable!

Maharashtra is a state located in the west-central part of India and is one of the most iconic places for tourist attraction. The entry state is covered with soft beaches, green mountains along with cosmopolitan cities. If we talk about the places to visit in May in Maharashtra then there is a lot that tourists can explore as they embark on a journey

20 Places To Visit In Margao For A Memorable Trip To Goa In 2020!

Goa is one of the most happening places of all time, and this is a favorite destination for those who love partying. Goa always sets a perfect ambiance for all those who want to chill out and drool in different kinds of drinks and there are also a lot of places to visit in Margao. People come here to experience the extravaganza and the nightlife, especially

Mountaineering In Manali: 4 Best Spots For All Adventure Fanatics In 2020!

When we talk about one of the most popular hill stations in India, Manali comes on the top of the list. Tourists from across India and also from outside India visit Manali due to its picturesque beauty. If you are a person who loves adventure travel, Manali is the place for you to go. One of the most popular activities which adventure lovers are in

Angola: Huila – Packed Dash Kwanza Flight Arrives in Lubango

[ANGOP] Lubango -- Lubango-based Mukanda International Airport, southern Huila province, received a commercial TAAG Dash Kwanza flight which after 147 days returned with 74 passengers at 02:12 pm under strictly measures of biosecurity surveillance.Want to know more on Angola: Huila - Packed Dash Kwanza Flight Arrives in Lubango click here go to tour

8 Exquisite Beaches Near Kuala Lumpur That Should Be On Your Radar In 2020

Image Source: The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a modern and advanced urban city at the heart of the country. This magnificent city is really attractive because of it’s a plush lifestyle, brilliant shopping experience, world-renowned cuisine, top-notch recreational facilities, and so many other reasons. It is the perfect urban environment

Top 38 Weekend Getaways From Mumbai For The Love Of Traveling In 2020

Life in India’s largest metropolitan, Mumbai, is electrifying, exciting and ever dynamic, however, there are times when the hustle and bustle of this big city life can get to your nerves. But the best part about this city is that you always have a place to go and relax your bones. Being surrounded by the spectacular Western Ghats, there are numerous

25 Scenic Tourist Places In Darjeeling In 2020

One of the most popular hill stations in India – Darjeeling is a perfect collage of snowy and mighty Himalayan ranges, winding walking tracks, valleys, monastery, momos, tea plantations, and toy train. Amidst the green-grey hills, the serene vegetation and scenic vistas guarantee a vacation to cherish forever. The untouched beauty of this hill town

Philippines In September: Know All About Which Places To Explore & Where To Stay!

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,000 islands located in the western Pacific of Southeast Asia. With so many tropical islands to choose from, the Philippines is a perfect place for those seeking solace at the beaches on the warm sand and the sound of the shore! You can experience adventure sports and many other activities at beautiful islands such

Indonesia In November: A Handy Guide To Enjoy The Best Time Away From The Hustle & Bustle!

Indonesia is soon becoming one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. With more than 17000 islands, Indonesia has a lot to offer. The entire country is mesmerizingly beautiful, and colorful. Some of the most coveted islands located over there are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Papua, Kalimantan, and many more. Out of these, thousands of travelers
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