Philippines In June: A Wonderful Time To Visit The Asian Nation

philippines in june a wonderful time to visit the asian nation

Everyone wants to visit a breezy holiday spot during their holidays. The Philippines is one such destination that will deliver on the “slice of paradise” promise. You can go on a trip through the metropolis of Manila, the capital city and walk on the grand Palawan beaches, and admire the extraordinary volcanic peaks and waterfalls in Mindanao. This is just a hint of what the country has to offer. A holiday in this country can provide a little something for everybody. Manila helps make the ideal opening to this eternally fascinating country. Shiny skyscrapers and a multi-ethnic cultural scene mingle with splendid Spanish mansions that belong to the Colonial-era and the Intramuros city.

Weather In Philippines In June

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In June, the damp season is underway all over the country. Heavy rainfall is expected as well. The southern islands of Cebu, Bohol and Siargao are not entirely dry, but experience less rain compared to the central and northern regions.

The rains start with bringing in some beautiful and striking modifications to the landscape. The Chocolate Hills of Bohol will have shed their characteristic brown tint and have turned into a green shade, while Banaue’s rice terraces become greener than ever. The standard humidity levels and temperature drop a bit lower from the heat of the preceding months, but you can experience 30 Degree Celsius highs around Manila.

Why Should You Visit Philippines In June

Even after the “Fiesta May Month” is over, the celebration still continues in various parts of the Philippines. The Filipinos get by somehow to find reasons to showcase their traditions and culture.

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