The Trump Baby Balloon will be Displayed at Museum of London


A blimp of the former US President Donald Trump known as the ‘Trump Babywhich had featured in many protests across the world will now retire at the Museum of London.

It first featured in July 2018 at a protest against Trump’s visit to the UK. Londoners saw an opportunity to show their contempt by flying an over-sized balloon of Trump above the Parliament Square.

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The balloon depicts Trump as a diaper-clad baby with a cellphone, marking an obvious reference to his constant updates on Twitter. The balloon, a caricature of the notoriously forever-whining Trump, has already made appearances in numerous cities over the past years.

Now the blimp will retire to be displayed at the Museum of London as Trump has left the Oval Office. It will join the Museum of London’s protest collection which features prominent flagships of protests from over a hundred years. And serve as a reminder of when London stood against Trump and his politics.

¿Quieres saber más? Haz clic aquí. Ir a la fuente de noticias del tour..

¿Quieres saber más? Haz clic aquí. Ir a la fuente de noticias del tour..

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