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Venice at risk of UNESCO ‘endangered’ listing

Sumary of Venice at risk of UNESCO ‘endangered’ listing:

  • The recommendation — or draft decision — was made Monday, following the production of its annual conservation report..
  • The report produced ahead of the session resolves to “inscribe Venice and its lagoon (Italy) on the list of World Heritage in Danger”.
  • is the cruise ships which are continuing to ply the lagoon, sailing through the historic city center, despite the Italian government ruling that they should be banned..
  • Citing the “complex impacts of mass tourism, the constant decrease of population and the basic deficiencies in governance and cooperated management which have led to a significant loss of historical authenticity within Venice,”.
  • the Great Barrier Reef, Budapest, Kathmandu Valley, Russia’s volcanoes of Kamchatka, the Ohrid region of Albania and North Macedonia, and the W-Arly-Pendjari Complex of Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger…

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