At Least Once In Your Life: Weird Summer Festivals Around The World

at least once in your life weird summer festivals around the world

Sumary of At Least Once In Your Life: Weird Summer Festivals Around The World:

  • (For even more quirky summer festivals, listen to Episode 19 of my weekly travel podcast, Places I Remember with Lea Lane, at my website, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
  • Because of the world pandemic, many are not available this year, but keep them in mind for the future, when you’re seeking a different way to have fun in the sun.
  • In Tomar, Portugal, The Festival of the Trays takes place every four years;
  • At the annual World Body Painting Festival in Klagenfurt, Austria, artists use scantily clad bodies as their canvases.
  • The festival is always opened by women dressed in folk costume, who play the wooden alpenhorn.
  • MORE FOR YOU The Maidens’ Fair, a traditional Romanian Festival Etwinning The legend of the Maidens’ Fair says that a magic hen (“gaina” in Romanian) who laid golden eggs was brought to the mountains, by fairies.

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