can i still travel to europe your virus restriction questions answered

Sumary of Can I Still Travel to Europe? Your Virus Restriction Questions, Answered:

  • But then came a deadly fourth wave of coronavirus cases, triggering a new round of curfews and lockdowns in several European countries (and in Austria, a vaccine mandate for most of the country’s population).
  • On Friday, Germany warned that it might take stringent measures if coronavirus cases there continue to surge, indicating that lockdowns could be a possibility, even for those who are vaccinated.
  • The Czech Republic and Slovakia, which have recorded some of the highest infection rates in Europe, have banned unvaccinated people from restaurants, hotels, bars and hairdressers, even if they have a negative coronavirus test.
  • Most European countries do not require a booster for entry, but some nations have set vaccine “expiration dates” for travelers.
  • Croatia, Austria and Switzerland all require second vaccine doses or booster shots to have been administered within a year of entering the country.
  • ’s white paper vaccination card and other digital health certificates used in the United States like The Smart Health Card or Healthpass by Clear.

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