Photographer Peter Rajkai sets Instagram alight with photos of amazing buildings and landscapes

photographer peter rajkai sets instagram alight with photos of amazing buildings and landscapes

Sumary of Photographer Peter Rajkai sets Instagram alight with photos of amazing buildings and landscapes:

  • Scrolling through photographer Peter Rajkai’s Instagram feed is a journey of discovery, a photographic tour of some of the world’s most incredible landscapes and architectural treasures.
  • He says: ‘Most photographers are interested in only one or two genres, but my plan is to make a really excellent photo in almost every category.
  • ’Here we present 20 of Peter’s top shots, taken in the likes of Greenland, Hungary, Croatia and the UK. This stunning drone shot shows one of the sources of Croatia’s 62-mile-long Cetina river – a breathtaking karst spring near the tiny village of Cetina near the Dinara mountain range known as ‘the eye of the earth’.
  • This image garnered over 23,000 likes when Peter posted it to Instagram LEFT: It’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful shot, which shows privately owned Galesnjak, a rare naturally occurring heart-shaped island in the Adriatic’s Pasman Canal.
  • (The drone landed safely, with about half a minute of flying time left)’ LEFT: The fantasy-land Quinta da Regaleira villa in Sintra, Portugal, built in 1904, contains multiple enigmatic architectural flourishes, with its two ceremonial ‘Initiation Wells’ arguably the most extravagant at the Unesco-listed property.
  • No, this magical photo shows unique hillside wine cellars in the village of Hercegkut in Hungary’s famous Tokaj region, known for its sweet wines An eye-catching photo of a building in Vienna with flamboyant verandas.

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