will any countries be added to the red list this week

Sumary of Will any countries be added to the red list this week?:

  • As of October, only two lists now remain: the “red” list (which still requires expensive 11-night hotel quarantine for travellers incoming from those countries), and the “ROW” (or rest of world) list.
  • On 28 October, the Department for Transport announced that it would be emptying the red list of its final seven countries, effective from 1 November, with hotel-quarantine restrictions being lifted for travellers arriving from Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.
  • Data analyst Tim White has been following case figures in destinations around the world since the traffic light lists began.
  • Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands and Slovakia are also seeing a spike in infections, reported White, with seven-day averages at an all-time high in all six.
  • White also noted an uptick in US cases, with a 7 per cent rise in daily cases on Tuesday, and predicted a possible Europe-style spike for the country by December.
  • Of the decision to empty the red list last month, transport secretary Grant Shapps said: “We have been able to do this now because the variants of concern that we have been tracking are no longer of concern to the chief medical officers.

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