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Turkey halts flights for some Mideast citizens to EU’s door

Sumary of Turkey halts flights for some Mideast citizens to EU’s door:

  • WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Turkey’s Civil Aviation Authority said Friday that the country is halting airline ticket sales to Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni citizens wanting to travel to Belarus, which in recent months became a route for migrants and refugees trying to enter the European Union.
  • EU leaders have put increasing pressure on airlines to stop bringing people from the Middle East to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, from where asylum-seekers seeking better lives have traveled by car to the EU’s doorstep.
  • Many aim to reach Germany or other western European countries, sometimes to reunite with relatives already settled there.
  • In a brief statement posted on Twitter, Turkey’s aviation authority said its decision to halt ticket sales was valid until further notice.
  • Citing the Turkish decision, Belarusian airline Belavia said it also would not transport citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen on its Istanbul-Minsk flights starting Friday.
  • Belavia said in a statement that it planned to reimburse the cost of already purchased tickets.

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